Thursday, June 3, 2010

When anxieties multiply within me, I want to eat bad food

My 30th birthday was on April 12. My goal for year 30 is to lose 30 pounds. Ron and I started the South Beach Diet with great ethusiasm and success. On April 15 I started at 175.5. On May 15 (one month later) I weighed 162.4. But, yesterday for breakfast I had cookie cake. Laugh - and most of the second half of May I ate... who knows what?!? Hello, June! :-)

Krista and Phil are starting the South Beach Diet in Tx [yesterday]. I'm going to take this opportunity to start again... this morning. right now. :-) So this morning I weigh 163.6. I've noticed that when I'm eating good [quality] food (like on the South Beach Diet), I feel so much better! ...which is funny because the other stuff [junk] that I was putting into my mouth, we call "comfort food". It feels/tastes good in the moment but not a second beyond that. It's so NOT WORTH IT.

Phase 1 (for the next 2 weeks): lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, vegetables, bottomless salads, eggs, cheese, nuts, water, coffee, tea.
NO: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, fruit (They will return in Phase 2) No candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, sugar, alcohol.

I'm going to scramble some eggs, veggies, and cheese for breakfast.

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