Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Jillian Update

Today was Jillian's 11.5 month follow-up doctor's appointment, and no, she is not crawling (or rolling fluently or getting to a sitting position on her own). As we got closer to the appointment, I got more and more nervous... especially because someone mentioned to me that she could be labeled "globally delayed" which I googled (bad idea), which sent my head spinning.

BUT... today the actual appointment went very well. The pediatrician evaluated Jilly on 1.) verbal development 2.) social/attachment 3.) fine motor and 4.) gross motor. She said she's right on track for a 1 year old in every area except for gross motor. So, we're being referred for physical therapy. She thinks Jillian has low-tone in one or more muscle areas but assured us that 1.) She'll grow out of it and 2.) It is not an indication that there is any mental disability. It was like she read my mommy mind and addressed the things that I was most afraid of.

Also, her doctor seems to think that the worst of Jillian's skin issues are behind us. The systemic yeast infection seems to be gone (Some remaining redness is heat rash. I need to ease up on the layers. I can do that!) She is going to finish up whatever diflucan we have at the house and then she's done with the heavy meds, blood testing, etc! :-)

And just as an additional praise/provision, Jillian's therapy will not cost us anything out of pocket because it's covered under the same family cap as Noah's speech therapy. I guess it 'pays' to be a therapy family! Tonight we let Jillian stay up late with mommy and daddy. We talked and played and laughed light-heartedly. I felt no pressure to 'make her crawl'. I'll let the experts take care of that, and I'll just enjoy my baby girl! She is SO wonderful!

Thank you God. And thank you friends. We are loved well. (Father, help me to love so well.)

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  1. So glad the appointment went well and that the doctor took some of your concerns away. Remember that God loves us and He will carry you in His arms. Give the sweet, little girl hugs and kisses and remind yourself that she will crawl, talk, and walk when she is supposed to.